How To Protect Your Sew-in Hair Extensions?

Posted on August 14 2018

How To Protect Your Sew-in Hair Extensions?

Black Women always buy hair extensions clip in and human hair wigs to make their hair more beautiful and fashion. The hair weave has struck into ordinary people's life, everyone has the chance to wear it to make up for the deficiency. So that clip in human hair extensions is popular at the hair salon in North America and South Africa area.

Here Brazilian hair extension is a mainstream in the hair industry, for it has led hair texture in the market many years before and after. It is the first choice for those who are considering getting new hair weave, you have to learn how to deal with the hair bad or good. It is possible that easy to get rid of boring hair, while you have to endure it when your hair becomes soft, shiny no more.


According to the needs of customers, we conclude some tips for you to protect your hair healthy and shiny in a reasonable way.




1. Comb it gently

When you are hurry to do something, you may comb your hair by hand, to grab it or leave it alone. If you do that thing, it will make your hair tangle and be shedding a lot. To avoid it, you have to take seriously to your hair, treat it as your baby, take good care of it.



2. change your hairstyle quickly


It takes about 3-4 hours to make Brazilian sew-in human hair weave, so women change their hairstyle frequently. You could dye your hair into different colors and cut it as you wish. Normally, it will last 3 months, so change your hair and do hairstyles what you like.



3. Cut your hair regularly


For our hair is easy to hurt when your hair grows longer, you have to cut or your hair will be hard to deal with. You should cut the stitches around the areas with tension and proceed to a pull or feel around what cut. Then after you cut one stitch lightly poke around the area to ensure that section of the track is still apart of you sew-in before you cut another thread.

You could also choose other hair extensions except for Brazilian hair, real Peruvian hair will be better for you. Before you buy it, you have to check it is real or not. Wish you choose the good hair and give you a good look.


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