What do you know about Human Hair lace wigs?

Posted on September 28 2018

What do you know about Human Hair lace wigs?

Women who love beauty have a great interest in human hair. They also have a comprehensive understanding of it. What hairstyles do you like? How to make your hair soft and bouncy? Which wigs do you want? Here we will introduce something about wigs for you.

Types of Alimicevirginhair Lace Wigs

There are three kinds of wigs, one is full lace wigs, one is lace front wigs, and one is mechanical lace wigs. What is the difference between the three? The full lace wigs are knitted by hand with a needle, so the price is relatively higher. The lace front wigs are the whole head cover, half of which is knitted by hand and half of which is completed by machine operation. The price is a little lower. Machine lace wigs are woven by machine, not as good as manual details, so the price is the lowest of the three kinds of wigs.


The material of Alimicevirginhair Lace Wigs

The raw materials of our hair are real human hair. They are all young woman's real hair. The raw materials for hair are from India, Malaysia, Brazil, and Peru. We guarantee that every wig is made of real hair extensions.

How to put on a wig with thick hair?

It is easier to wear lace wigs than human hair bundles. Just put it on your head and wear the elastic buttons. You just need to adjust the elastic buttons according to the size of your head.

How to care for Lace Wigs?

When you don't wear the lace wigs, place it on a wig rack. The wig shelf helps to care the original texture of the wigs and try to avoid pulling the hair. Good maintenance of your wigs is also an indispensable link, take good care of your human hair wigs, it can be kept longer and stay smooth.


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